My dear readers of TravellingMe Blog!

Before releasing this website and blog I was asked numerous times by different people: “Why do you want to do it? There are so many other blogs and travel sites, why waste your time?”

I think I found the answer to those sceptics:
“Wherever you travel in life, take chances, embrace the uncertainty of outcome, go with an explorer’s heart, and most importantly, share what you find with others”, Andrew Doughty, the author of Maui Revealed Book.

I took the liberty to cite Andrew Doughty’s words because that is what I believe in. Learning every day, share my knowledge and experience with others make me happy. If you like to travel, read, and learn – then, my blog is for you.

I have such a feeling that sometimes new technologies play weird tricks with the most of us. With new technologies we surely must have more time to explore the world. But it looks like that we have less and less time to do it! There is no time to read books, there is no time go to museums, there is no time to enjoy the beauty of the old canvases, architecture, monasteries, palaces, exotic faraway islands…

We are always in a rush.

Even traveling adventures seem to turn into sitting in a comfortable chair in front of your personal computer; why bother going somewhere after all? I will not be surprised if one day technology gets so refined that it will offer their clients to climb up the highest peak of Everest or dive into the ocean’s depth without even leaving their own house!

And it will not be a virtual game, it will be a reality.

But, lucky for those of us, who are interested to explore new and unknown destinations, we still have this opportunity!

Very soon many of you, I am sure, will have to think about summer vacations. As I have just come back from Maui, I decided to start my blog with videos and information about this island. Despite the fact that there is a lot of information about Maui, I still hope you will find my notes helpful. I wish you to make the right choice, go to Maui and enjoy it as much as I did.