What kind of vacation is it without being pampered at the Spa, don’t you agree?
Personally, I am a frequent spa guest and I shall admit: I am a very spoiled customer. We shopped around and checkup our opportunities at Ritz-Carlton and Montage Hotel, as both of them were conveniently located at Kapalua Bay. We chose Spa Montage.

What I loved in the Spa the most (besides their fantastic customer service and complimentary parking) was the Oceanview Infinity Pool. Huge plus right away: the pool may be used by adults only.

Very clean and quiet inside.

Besides therapy treatments, the Spa offers their guests the following retreats: eucalyptus steam room, cedar wood sauna and therapeutic cascading waterfall whirlpool.  The whirlpool’s waterfall helps to release neck and shoulder tension.

We had access to all of the spa’s amenities for the entire day because of our treatment reservation. It allowed us to leave the Spa and come back any time we wished. My therapists – Henry and Michelle – were truly miracle workers, very professional. Mariann, Cindy, Nicky (sorry if I missed any of you) all of you were simply great! During our stay in Maui we visited several Spas, but I will talk about our other experience a little later.

After our treatments in the early afternoon we went to snorkel at the Montage Hotel beach. As a tip: bring your own snorkel gear and enjoy the beach! It was unbelievably quiet there. I think it’s THE best beach on Maui.

It’s a very well protected bay by two cliffs from both sides of the beach. We were very pleased not to be beaten up by the strong surf (as we experienced at Andaz Hotel in Wailea and Ritz). We snorkeled till we could hardly move our arms and legs. We even saw the sea turtles! There was a lot of them; huge and irresistibly cute, sea turtles enjoyed their afternoon sea bathes. They were not afraid of people at all!

Here, do you see two black stones popping up from the water?

The black round black spot closer to us is a head of the sea turtle. She (or he?) swam up to the surface of the water to get some air. I tried to take better pictures as I watched the “sea beast” as a hunting cat, but no luck! The turtle behaved as a true Hollywood movie star, well skilled to avoid the naughty Paparazzi. The “Star” disappeared like a Cheshire Cat when I was ready to take a picture and suddenly appeared again when I was distracted.

We returned home after sunset.


Another beautiful Maui day came to its end.