If you are not planning to spend much time in your hotel room, why overpay?
Royal Kahana Condominium (north-west coast of Maui).


Yes, it is NOT a 5-star Hotel, no doubt about it, but it fit our needs and budget. We hardly spent any time in the room. We had a cup of tea in the morning and left only to come back after 8 p.m.

TIP: If you decide to rent a condo I would recommend you mainly to pay attention to the reviews for the following aspect: was the condo’s description truthful? Did the guests find everything they had been promised in the advisement?

We stayed in room #1003 and – in general – we got what we were promised. Ocean view from lanai (a little balcony). As I understood, all condos are ocean-front units. The suites, however, face both the parking lot and the ocean because of their floor plan.

Free parking. We didn’t have any problem with parking, but again, end of April is a low season, maybe that is why there was always a spot available?


On the first day we arrived at the condo around 2 p.m. The key is not available prior to 4 p.m. (it’s mentioned at the time of reservation). We had plenty of time to walk and drive around to explore the area. We found that it would take us only 5 minutes to get to Kapalua Bay and 10 minutes to get to the old town of Lahaina by car.

The condo is good for the budget minded travelers, very quiet, but small. Comfortable bed, nice shower, clean kitchenette. The ceiling definitely needed a touch of new paint. I noticed cob-webs in the closet with the washing machine/dryer. It made me feel a little bit worried and uncomfortable because spiders are not my favorite pets. Check out is 11 a.m., and two minutes to eleven a custodian, armed with brooms and vacuum cleaner, knocked at the door. Be prepared to leave on time!

The condo does not have its own beach, we used the Montage Hotel beach. When we returned home I read that in 2004 somewhere around one of the Lahaina beaches a surfer… had been attacked by a shark. Scary.

Close-by, Napili Market was helpful. Usually, we came back too late to look for a restaurant around or we had our dinner on the way home.

Boss Frog’s Snorkeling tours, you will see their ads everywhere.
We made a reservation for snorkeling tour to Lanai, but the day before we were informed it was cancelled due to “not enough people”. Not very good customer service in my opinion. I never feel comfortable when a company declares straight into my face that I am nothing but a dollar sign. I am pretty sure that in high season they have full tours, and there was no need to spoil our day by canceling our excursion.

Lahaina Town is an old town.

“Lahaina” means “cruel sun”. According to one of the legends, many years ago a tribal chief became so furious that he killed all his priests. I didn’t understand why the priests inspired such a rage in the chief. In other interpretations of the legend the hot son was blamed for the chief’s insanity.

To our knowledge, Maui receives more direct sunlight because of its 20-degree latitude, and it may be “cruel”. The afternoon sun is bright and intense. It burns mercilessly and some days the air may be so humid and dense that it seemed it can be cut into slices by a knife.

The town center has a nice park and harbor, a lot of shops and cafés.


Parking may be a huge challenge. TIP! There is a small free parking between Dickenson Street and Luakini Street. We used it when we took our trip to Lanai. It’s allowed to leave a car for the whole day, which is great, because all the streets inside of Lahaina town will only permit 3-hour parking. And don’t rely on police mercy! You will get a ticket.
Besides all of the shopping, Lahaina town’s main tourists’ attraction – Banyan Tree. The park has only one tree, although it looks like that there are many of them.


Another tourists’ attraction – historic Pioneer Inn. It was constructed by the order of a rich plantation owner, Mr. Alan Freeland, in 1901. For years this hotel was the only place on the island where the tired travelers could get a clean room, decent breakfast and a newspaper (yes, prior to Internet era people had a weird habit to read newspapers).


Hotel is close to the harbor.  It’s convenient for those tourists who are planning to go to the island of Lanai but not sure if they have enough time to catch a Passenger Ferry: what if  your plane gets late?  The Cruises’ guests  find Pioneer Inn the best place to stay overnight.

Our next destination is the island of Lanai. It is very easy to get there by the Passenger Ferry, but you will need to make a reservation (free number 808-661-3756). Remember, you are going to visit a private island! The cost of the ticket (round trip) is $60.00. It will take approximately 45 minutes to travel there.