Lanai is a private island, very quiet and isolated. It was known for its pineapple plantations. In 2012 a financial magnate Mr. Larry Ellison purchased it for just… $300 million dollars. By his initiative the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel has been built; exhausted travelers are promised comfort and privacy, delight their senses and soothe their bodies.

If you are ready to be pampered by the solitude atmosphere of Lanai, Four Seasons will kindly open its gates for their dearest guest to immerse themselves in the true Hawaiian experience for only… $ 1,800 per night. By the way I’ve heard a joke about Lanai and found it… too close to be true to be funny: “Do you know that ‘Lanai’ in local Hawaiian language means ‘it costs how much’?!”

Also, visitors may stay at Hotel Lanai. It is small and not as elegant as the Four Seasons, but if you compare the prices you will be pleasantly surprised; it’s reasonable. Hotel Lanai will charge you only $ 200 per night.


Lanai is an amazingly quiet place. Birds are singing. Clean and empty beaches. No crowds, no loud music. The population of the island is approximately 1,500 people. Everybody knows each other. If you come to the island and try to stay without making a hotel reservation, the police will remind you that Lanai is a private island and ask you politely to leave.



In “Down Town” – Lanai city – we had a snack in a charming café. We were asked to pay with either cash or check. Back in time?! I don’t recall many places where the café’s owners will accept private checks!

Here you can visit a very nice art gallery and eat in the park. Pine trees amazed me by their heights.

There is a great public beach available for everyone. As soon as you get off Ferry you follow the road to the left. After 10-minute walk you’ll be at the beach. The beach has a nice, clean bathroom you may change if you need.

And now the time has come to talk about Lanai’s most interesting and unique destination – Cat Sanctuary!