I simply fell in love with Kapalua Bay! If I come back to Maui one day again, there will be no doubt where to stay: at Kapalua Bay, my favorite resort area. It’s located on the north-west of the island.

Here, you will find two 5-star hotels: Montage

and Ritz-Carlton

I read so many negative reviews about the Ritz’ location. Now, after seeing the hotel (and Spa) with my own eyes, I may say that I don’t agree with those angry writers. Ritz is not for everyone – that’s for sure. If you love to jog in the mornings, play tennis or golf, relax in a hammock and swim in the ocean in the afternoons, if you love nature, big trees, birds singing – make a reservation at the Ritz, you will not regret it, it’s your destination. But if you dream more about “city-like adventures”, then, definitely, this is not your cup of tea.

I was impressed by the huge lawn in front of Ritz (not at the entrance, but from the coast line). It’s a lovely walk towards the beach.

We found out why Ritz has it. Ritz was supposed to be an oceanfront hotel, but during its construction the developers had to relocate the building – due to the ancient Hawaiians burial site. The hotel had to be moved a little bit away from the coast line, leaving a lawn which is bordered by a stone wall. Behind the lawn and the wall, you will be able to see “Dragon’s Teeth of Kapalua” which is a part of the ancient burial place.


For those, who love walking along the coast and enjoy the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, there is a lovely path – 1.5 miles – between the Ritz and Montage Hotel. Beautiful place, peaceful and serene, but don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and apply sun-screen lotion on your face!


As we walked from the Montage Hotel towards the Ritz, Bay Villas were on our right. I took a couple of pictures of them just in case if you may be thinking to rent one.



Some ocean front villas have direct access to the lovely beaches. The beaches are tiny but they have nice sand. We saw hardly any tourists there. If you are looking for quite time, this area may work for you. I am not sure if it is a good place for snorkeling; both times we visited Kapalua Bay it was windy and the waves were rather big. Those days, definitely, were not good for snorkeling.

Tip. You might see wales from the Bay Trail. We saw some.

Before taking our walk to the Ritz, we ate lunch at Montage beach bar. Montage – no doubts! – is an expensive hotel; in low season, its rates start from $ 800.00 per night and up. For our afternoon snack we paid $75.00. It included two sandwiches, two non-alcoholic beverages, nice service, birds’ singings, fresh air and fantastic ocean view from the terrace.

As a bonus, our friendly waitress shared with us the low-high seasons’ time frame. The end of April is considered to be a low season (my husband and I were happy to hear that; our trip wasn’t planned, it just happened and we were happy to avoid crowds of anxious tourists). High season for Maui is: the month of November (especially Thanksgiving week), New Year, the month of March (spring break). The summer is a high season; it lasts from the middle of June till the middle of August. In February it may be pretty overcrowded as well; this is the favorite vacation time for our Canadian neighbors.