If you are a cat lover, this article is for you.

Before coming to Maui, I looked for interesting places to visit, and I found a website for a Cat Sanctuary located on Lanai. In 2004 Kathy Carroll organized the cats’ shelter on the island. I was intrigued and interested; I had a desire to see the founder of Cat Sanctuary and, of course, I wanted to get acquainted with her rescued pets.

It’s an open-air sanctuary. Spayed and neutered cats are NOT locked in cages. Lanai’s climate is mild and it allows kitties to enjoy the freedom of living outside of the cages, but at the same time, the sanctuary (25,000 square-foot playground) is safely fenced.


There are over 600 cats in the shelter.



How may cats do you see in this picture?

Tip: bring some cat treats. They will follow you everywhere!

This cat was diagnosed with cancer. The veterinarians saved him. Three years ago, his ears had to be amputated, but the cat feels good after the surgery. He is very friendly. He is not afraid of people any more.

When I saw this Beauty, I almost heard him saying to me “Do I know you?” with the voice of Antonio Banderas: doesn’t he remind you of the Cat in Boots from the Shrek movie?

Not another step! I’m not a putty-tat. I’m wild and dangerous!

I am pleasantly plump, cute and irresistible! Don’t dare calling me fat!

Many visitors agree to join the program “Adopt Me”. The cat stays at the Sanctuary and receives a monthly donation of $20.00 from his/her foster parents. It’s enough for food and litter. One visit to McDonald’s costs more money today! Adopt these adorable kitties!

This Sanctuary also helps to protect native birds, Hawaiian Petrel, Wedge-tailed Shearwater and Hawaiian Coot. Last year 1,300 tourists visited Cat Sanctuary. This place keeps functioning only because of peoples’ generosity. I want to mention that Lanai’s owner – Mr. Larry Ellison – supported the founders’ effort to save homeless cats and protect native birds. I was told by the Sanctuary’s “caregivers” that Four Seasons’ guests also make generous donations. Isn’t it wonderful?

Tip: you don’t need to rent a car for the ride to Cat Sanctuary. It’s much easier and less expensive to call Lanai personalized taxi; for more information please go to Sanctuary’s website www.LanaiCatSanctuary.org
If you get a personalized taxi, a portion of your metered fare will be donated to the cats. We were lucky, the Sanctuary’s volunteer got a day off and we had an opportunity to talk with the Cat Sanctuary manager – Mike. He picked us up from the Ferry. After visiting Sanctuary Mike took us to Lanai town and then to Four Seasons.

This is a T-shirt I bought at the Sanctuary for $20.00. If you are looking for a souvenir for another cat lover you will not find a better gift!


(My German Shepherd Attia is used to be around cats)

If you are interested to learn more, you may find the video with Kathy Carroll here: www.hawaiimagazine.com/content/cat-sanctuary

Cat Sanctuary website:



Cat lovers! If some day you come to Maui or Lanai, visit this place.

You will not regret. It’s a Cat Lover’s Paradise.