TASHA OLSEN – Published Author

This novel was inspired by the ancient Maya prediction of the end of the world.  According to their calendar the Apocalypse was due to occur on the 22nd of December, 2012.  Radio, TV and Internet were overwhelmed with assumptions, arguments, questions, speculations, controversies, but… nothing happened; mankind is still alive. Is this that right time to laugh at the narrow-minded Maya priests and their prophesies?

I don’t think so.  I am confidant: historians failed to make the correct calculations and simply misread the Maya calendar.  Archeologists continue to reveal new facts which traditional science is unable to explain.  Has the time come to challenge the current historical version of our past?

“Diamond Crown of Yucatán” follows two parallel stories that blend
mystery and history: a contemporary story about an archeological expedition in Mexico, and another story about Medieval Yucatán that goes back to 1519. In the present-day story, Professor Cronin, a great expert in ancient Maya civilization, shares a “heretical” idea with his colleague Katrin: long before the Spanish invasion of Mexico in the 16th century, the majority of Maya Indians lived under Christian laws.  A thousand years ago, Christianity was brought to them by their ancestors – the Tatars-Toltec.  The Professor plans an archeological expedition to Cozumel to search for evidence to support his theory.  He invites Katrin and her  ex-boyfriend to join the expedition.  Katrin is looking to have fun in Mexico and participate in the search for an ancient artifact – the Imperial Crown of Yucatan, but she begins to suspect her ex-boyfriend in a double game.  The day before the departure, she discovers the murder of a member of the expedition.