About Tasha Olsen

I am a professional Educational Consultant, Interpreter and a bilingual Writer. Through years of experience, I am confident that anything is possible in our life and any dream can be reached. Persistence and trust in yourself are the main keys to success. Many years ago, I opened my first textbook and repeated after the teacher my first English phrases. Neither me or my teacher could foresee that by 2017 I would have published 4 historical fiction novels: one of them I wrote in English. I was raised in a family where books were as necessary as bread and water. I read a lot of historical works: novels, essays and, of course, historical mysteries. As a child I dreamed about visiting those places I had read about; I wanted to see with my own eyes the towns, castles, pyramids, villages and palaces where my beloved historical characters lived, loved and died. My dreams have come true. The knowledge of English helped me to explore foreign countries. Thanks to the English missionaries (who brought the English alphabet to the “colonies”), nowadays people all over the world speak English: even in the tiny, faraway villages and – I wouldn’t be surprised at all – perhaps, somewhere on distant planets near the star Orion? But to “speak English” does not necessary mean to “know English”. I am confident that not everyone has the ability to teach others. I believe that a teacher must have the right combination of experience, knowledge, strong teaching techniques, education and an open mind.