I am an experience traveler and before visiting Maui I have never thought that restaurants reviews may be so helpful (again, our savior – “Maui Revealed Guide Book”, p. 265 and up).

I believed that each of our meals on the island will be a tropical feast (like we had in Mexico). I was wrong. To find in Maui a place where you will find all together: reasonable price + pleasant and elegant atmosphere + tasty food = is impossible. To chase after a place which wisely combines all of those aspects is the same as to chase elusive Fidel Castro at the time of revolution on Cuba.

Restaurants in Wailea 5-star resorts are elegant but their prices are not just expensive, they are obscene. “So, what?” you may say. Let’s stop at a “normal” local place to eat. It sounds like an alternative. But the local places WE ate, looked as they hadn’t been updated since the 60’s. Even if the food was OK, the atmosphere was dull: plain, boring décor and poor service. Within 2 weeks of vacation we didn’t find a single place we would love to come back to.
The famous Hawaiian Luau, which we found available, was overpriced and bad buffet food.

According to statistics, last year about 7 million tourists visited the Hawaii islands. With such heavy tourist traffic I don’t think we will see any improvement in the food industry. But, hey, we didn’t die from starvation after all!
I want to finish my “travel log” on a positive note with a few nice words about Alaska Airlines. We had a direct flight from Oakland airport (California) to Maui. It was my first experience with Alaska Airlines and I liked it.
For the last 10 years I had to deal with questionable service from Delta and United. Most of the time I used them for international flights. What can I say? Unfortunately, if you travel in economy class, the stewardesses of Delta and United Air don’t even try to hide their disgust to the passengers. They are so in a rush to finish their “service” in the air that they literally scattered the drinks and snacks straight into the face of travelers.

The Alaska Airlines crew met us with smiles! I could not believe my eyes. Maybe I was travelling in the Twilight Zone? Smiling stewardess is as rare today as a mysterious unicorn. We had very pleasant trips both ways. Service was friendly and snacks were adequate. Our luggage was not lost and we landed on time. Bravo, Alaska Airlines!

I hope my tips will help you. I don’t want to discourage you from visiting Maui either. Maui is worth seeing, that’s for sure!


If you want to share your Maui experience, please be my guest! After all, any opinion may be subjective (especially about food preferences), but it’s worth sharing. Don’t you agree?